OpenTofu - Alpha release.

OpenTofu - Alpha release.

Today, after weeks of work, is OpenTofu's alpha release!

What you can expect with OpenTofu v1.6.0-alpha1

As mentioned in the v1.6.0 alpha release note, the release:

- is a drop-in replacement, so you can take it for a spin in your existing projects - no changes required;

- uses a registry hosted by OpenTofu, that will properly resolve all public providers and modules;

- is a great occasion to take tofu for a test drive and give us feedback;

- contains the 1.6 testing feature, which is engineered for feature parity with TF’s own 1.6 testing capabilities, offering a seamless transition with bug fixes and improvements (documentation still pending);

- is great to use for adapting 3rd party tooling to support OpenTofu;

- is free of checkpoint telemetry that was previously there.

It’s important to note that the registry isn’t stable yet and its availability may be spotty at times. Thus, we don’t recommend using this release for any production workflows. It’s meant to be a testing ground, first and foremost. The stable registry design process will be kicking off now, so expect more related issues to appear very soon - we’re looking forward to everybody’s feedback and participation!

This release is a big step in ensuring that terraform remains open source. This release also beckons developers and those passionate about open-source to enhance tools associated with older versions of Terraform. With this release, there's a prime chance to modify and improve third-party tools to ensure they align well with and fully support the OpenTofu environment. If you would like to use Digger with OpenTofu, Digger helps run tofu plan and apply in your CI (feature is currently in early alpha).