How to run Terraform within your CI/CD pipeline - Resource Hub

How to run Terraform within your CI/CD pipeline - Resource Hub

The following resources have been collated to help IaC users get a better understanding of how Infrastructure as Code can be run within their CI/CD system of choice. Do have a read!

Circle CI

  1. How to run Terraform from Circle CI by Anton Putra
  2. Tom Hipwell @ Bulb - Using Terraform and CircleCI for the continuous delivery of cloud infrastructure
  3. Terraform Infrastructure Deployment with Github & CircleCI
  4. How I Deployed Terraform Resources with CircleCI by Danielle C. Wormley
  5. Automate your AWS deployments with CircleCI, and Terraform by Dibyajyoti Mishra


  1. How to run a Terraform Script in Jenkins by CloudBees TV
  2. Create AWS Resources with Terraform & Jenkins by A Monk In The Cloud.
  3. How to run a Terraform Script in Jenkins: A step by step guide by Praveen Dandu
  4. CI/CD IaC pipelines using GitHub, Jenkins and Terraform by Ken Goddard
  5. Integrate Terraform with Jenkins Pipeline by Tianzhui(dot)cloud

Travis CI

  1. Intro to Travis CI with Terraform by Kyler Middleton
  2. Continuous Delivery on AWS With Terraform and Travis CI by Frank Rosner
  3. Checking Terraform IaC security in CI/CD with Regula and Travis CI by Fugue (part of Snyk)
  4. (‼️Tangentially relevant but useful reading) Using Travis CI with Pulumi
  5. Terraform, S3, Lambda, Travis and API Gateway


  1. Gitlab Docs
  2. Continuously deploying Terraform in Gitlab CI by Idowu Emehinola
  3. Run Terraform from Gitlab CI
  4. Into the Storm With Terraform & GitLab by Katoria Henry
  5. How teams use GitLab and Terraform for infrastructure as code: A demo

GitHub Actions

  1. Using Terraform with GitHub Actions by Earthly
  2. Setup GitHub Action Workflow for Terraform to Deploy AWS Infrastructure by Saravanan Gnanagaru
  3. Elevate your Terraform Workflow with GitHub Actions by Andrew Walker
  4. Can GitHub Actions be used as a CI/CD for Terraform? By
  5. Reddit Discussion: why can't terraform just be run in GitHub Actions?

This resource hub was assembled by Digger and created by the community. Credits to authors and creators of above resources have been shared too.

Digger simplifies running Terraform in the CI/CD of your choice. Digger has:

  • Private runners by default - no sharing of secrets with a 3rd party
  • Is scalable & reliable - Digger reuses your existing CI/CD system for compute
  • Faster Deployments - Digger has parallel runs enabled on all plans
  • Easy to get started - No need to host and maintain an extra server.
  • Audit Trails  - Digger Maintains an audit trail of all deployments & changes.
  • Policies -  Enforce project and organisation level policies (Via OPA) for compliance.
  • RBAC -  Control who can view, modify, and deploy infrastructure based on their role.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML - User authentication and access management with  SSO through SAML integration.

Try it here or join Digger’s slack for more information.